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Who We Serve

From tax preparation to fully integrated, results driven advice, Atlas Tax has solutions for you.  You might be…

The Retiree


Retirement goals mean more to you now than they ever have before. We can help you design and execute a tax plan that aligns with your distribution phase of wealth management.

The Entrepreneur


You run your business. We’ll help you take advantage of the right strategies for you and your employees.

The Physician


Practicing medicine requires your full attention. Figuring our your best tax efficiencies requires ours.

The Executive


You specialize in making good choices for your employees every day. We can be your resource to advise you on the myriad of tax options available.

We serve clients who want an empowered team delivering advice and solutions, so they can pursue their passion. Our integrated approach allows us to provide comprehensive advice around all aspects of your financial life.


For Today, Tomorrow and Someday
There are things you can do every day that save money on taxes. Are you already doing them?
Strategies for a Tax Efficient Life Atlas Tax Advisors Dallas TX